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Lisa Alisa                               Mina Luxa

Charlie Balleto                      Kathryn McLean

Melissa Cacioppo                   Jenna Pallio

Ben Cell                                 Jaime Paez
Nick Manders                        Martin Roth    

Max-Carlos Martinez             Ramirex

Kristina Fetkovich                Maria Ruggiano
Yonatan Maron                    Alejandro Zarate
Alan Van Every                     Andre Niemeyer
Miriam Laouichi                    Kristin Lerner

                   NEW YORK ART GENERATION 
                     June 16th -  July 2nd,  2005
              Opening reception, June 17th, 6-8pm

New York Art Generation was conceived as an exhibition focusing on young emerging artists living in New York City.
Every year hundreds of artists come to New York with the intent to show their artwork in New York galleries.  Similarly, de Kooning, in the nineteen twenties, came from Holland to become famous in New York.  He was an illegal immigrant and he did odd jobs until finally becoming recognized.  Other examples include Rothko from Russia and Philip Guston from Canada.  Recently, an example of such success is Vik Muniz, who came from Brazil in the late eighties knowing no English, and, who today is one of the most important photographers in the world.
New York Art Generation presents artists who have emerged since the late nineties. Their work explores both this time period – during which the world has changed dramatically – shows vitality, energy, and exciting promise; and anticipates new directions in the contemporary art world.
This group show features artists living in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx,  and Staten Island.  Some of them are North American and others are from Colombia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Israel and Austria. So many artists from the around the world come to New York because New York is the capital of the Art World.  No discussions.

New York Art Generation was curated by Ramirex.

NYC 2005